Mashujaa Day Environmental Action


We’ve spend the better part of Mashujaa holiday celebrating the day with our we4all/EERUi environmental clubs (Kapsaos secondary schools, Merrylane Center Schools, Kapkoros primary school) by cleaning our estates.

Learners used this opportunity to educate their community on the importance of Environmental conservation and how to change their behavior to fight climate change. Together with our partners we’ve decided to be doing the same regularly to make sure that all population adopt sustainable ways of waste disposal.

Large amounts of trash and garbage, plastics, and other wastes can become breeding grounds for hazardous insects, cause pollution, and create unsanitary conditions that encourage the development of health problems and diseases. Such an environment also makes it difficult for children to find a safe place to play, and increases stress for everyone who lives in it. Cleaning it up provides a real and immediate health benefits to neighborhood residents, as well as helping them think about the possibility of neighborhood wellness.

Our Partners

We thank our partner We4All for supporting us through these activities as well as Old Uganda Road Enterprises for volunteering to help us dispose the collected waste properly.

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EERU Initiative is a grassroots, volunteer driven initiative that improves access to quality education for children in rural and urban slums most of whom have largely been left behind in education.

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