Education for Sustainable Development

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Education for Sustainable Development

The world is experiencing immense challenges including climate change, extreme poverty, insecurity and inequality. According to scientists, climate change could threaten livelihoods, trigger conflicts, accelerate biodiversity loss, exacerbate disease outbreaks, destabilize political and social systems, cause economic shocks, and increase inequalities.


We believe that the school community offers the best avenue to contribute in addressing these challenges. We implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) activities within schools to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and create a greener, healthier, more peaceful, and equal planet by 2030.

We empower students with sustainable development knowledge, global citizenship values, and 21st century skills to better navigate this uncertain future, tackle its profound challenges, and build more prosperous and resilient communities. According to research, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a crucial tool, which not only empowers students to shape a better world, but also perform better in school.

We also empower the teachers in schools and work with them to spearhead both the classroom activities that are embedded within the curriculum as well as schoolwide activities that that include planting of trees, establishing of school gardens, plastic waste gathering and community awareness campaigns.

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EERU Initiative is a grassroots, volunteer driven initiative that improves access to quality education for children in rural and urban slums most of whom have largely been left behind in education.

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